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Friday February 24th 2017
Technopark Living

KSRTC requests feedback on Volvo services

Volvo  - Trivandrum JnNURM

KSRTC invites suggestions on improving the Volvo city service in Technopark/Trivandrum. Commuters are requested to send their suggestions to Keep in mind that the suggestion has to be financially sustainable. Please do not expect any individual replies – that is not the government norm. However, your suggestions will be considered.

Technopark Living has talked to a wide section of Volvo commuters and has found some common suggestions:

  • Introduce monthly passes, season-tickets or pre-paid cards. The massive discount for such services (as in railway season tickets) may not be needed.
  • Put the the full schedule of a particular bus inside the bus. It can even be put it into a scrollable display in the interior LED display. We are bored with “No Smoking” and “Please demand for ticket”
  • Do not run the schedule ahead of published schedule. This is becoming an issue in the afternoon services.
  • The timetables put in Technopark bus stops are not complete. Better coordination between Technopark and KSRTC can solve this problem. (Technopark Living has a better time-table here).

Technopark Living urges all Volvo commuters (and those who plan to commute) in Technopark to send in their suggestions to the above email address.

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3 Comments for “KSRTC requests feedback on Volvo services”

  • Anonymous says:

    there is one conductor who always sits in his front seat. he expects passengers to stop and pay and money..he doesnt get up from his seat…such guys shud be removed

  • Nidhin says:

    Most buses are passing through Kannammoola…even though the main route is through PMG inside city…unless they rn through the main route, how can they expect more people???

  • Suvarna says:


    From Peroorkada to Kazhakuttom via Technopark bus starts at 8 am. The bus is so crowded. One more Volvo bus may be scheduled at 8.10/8.15 am from Vattiyorkavu via Vellayambalam to Technopark. The bus route is thro kesavadasapuram, Sreekariyam. The other bus can be thro’by pass road. In the eve at 6 o çlock also volvo bus to Peroorkada is so crowded. Kindly ‘schedule one more bus during that time or between 5.30 and 6 pm

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