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Tuesday February 28th 2017
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New helplines for women

Kerala Police Highway PatrolKerala may be the Indian state with the most empowered women, but the crime against women sees no signs of diminution. The Kerala Police have come with two new helplines to come to the need of women in distress.

1091 is the women’s emergency number. It is manned by women and used exclusively for calls from women (men can use this only to report atrocities against women). Do not use this number for reporting domestic problems.

94979 00000 is an SMS-only number. This is intended to be used by all for reporting emergencies, but many feel it will be more useful to women who may be unwilling to CALL for help, but might be interested in reporting this “offline”. Do not call this number, use only SMS. Details.

There are other general helplines which women may find useful:

9846 200 100 – Rail alert: Can be used when harassed/distressed in a running train. The message is immediately passed on to the police personnel inside the train (they are now available in all trains).
9846 100 100 – Highway alert: Can be used in case of emergencies in all National Highways and MC Road. Very useful for women driving alone at night.

More emergency numbers can be found at our Emergency Helplines section.

Technopark Living urges all women to store the above numbers in their mobile phones, RIGHT NOW.

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