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Friday February 24th 2017
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Spice Hut

Contributed by ‘Ikka’, a self-confessed foodie. (Update: For more of film and restaurant reviews, visit Ikka’s new site – Technopark Living is temporarily stopping the sections on restaurant and film reviews).

DishIt’s one week after I had a dinner at Spice Hut (Locate Spice Hut), and the taste of the Chicken Masala still lingers! I did not go to Spice Hut, but happened to be in Pattom, an area in the city where you can get Belgian Diamonds, .999 gold, LED TVs and titanium Sony Viaos but not a decent cuppa. I was waiting to pick-up my sister-in-law, who happened to have a conference in Kottayam. She was supposed to come by 8 PM, but was late by one hour. As I was waiting near Pattom Junction, I remembered my colleagues mentioning about Spice Hut.


On entering, the ambience was normal, and what you would expect in an air-conditioned retsaurant in town. The ambience is good enough for a drop in and eat but not suited for dining out.


I ordered Chapathi and Chicken Masala. The chapathi here is different, the taste is different, the shape is different. There is a distinct sweetness. The masala in the chicken was not usual, it was above average. Since I felt nice about the taste, I ordered a parcel for my family too.
My cousin, who is a junk-food maniac, was distinctly pleased by the dishes here. (This should be considered as a big appreciation).
By the way, the restaurant claims it uses No Ajinomoto, No Articial Flavoring and No Reheated Oil. Bless them!


For the price, I think it this was a little bit on the higher side, but not exorbitant.


Spice Hut is located very near to Pattom Junction, on the Pattom-Kowdiar road. There is limited parking space available in front, but this is something one can expect for any new venture in the city. Anyway, you can always park by the road side and take a small walk to the restaurant.


Overall, this is a place to try for a different experience.
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