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Tuesday February 28th 2017
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Your ‘LED’ TV is actually an LCD TV!

TelevisionEying that costly LED TV  being splashed across in the ads these days? Well understand this – these are not LED TVs! The display technology used in these TVs are the ones being used in an LCD TV itself. There is only one small difference – the ‘backlighting’ used is LED instead of fluorescent ones in a ‘normal’ LCD.

An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) cannot produce any light of their own. Think about the ordinary calculator  – you cannot read its display in the dark. While single-color displays like calculators and watches need backlighting only for reading in the dark, richer color displays always need a backlight to control the color and intensity of the display.  The backlight source is usually a normal fluorescent display. The so-called LED TVs substitute it with an LED source, so there is a little more contrast. Beyond that, it is just a plain LCD display!

There are indeed ‘real’ LED displays – mobile phones like HTC Google Nexus One, Nokia N8, or any other which mentions OLED or AMOLED screen. However, if you are expecting the same rich colors in a television when you buy an ‘LED’ TV, you may be paying too much, and expecting too much.

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