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Friday February 24th 2017
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Stop unsolicited SMS/Calls

National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC)Here’s a guide to stopping those blatant ad messages which you may receive. The service is maintained by the National Do Not Call Registry, a body under TRAI – the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

  • First, have a look at whether your number has indeed been registered. Click here.
  • If not, you can register either by calling or sending SMS with keywords START DND to 1909. Telephone calls/SMS to this number are toll-free across all networks.
  • Once registered, it may take up to 45 days to get it activated.

If even after this, you are getting unsolicited commercial messages, you need to complain with your service provider within 15 days of receiving such a message/call giving details about called number and time. Insist on a reference number for the registration of the complaint. Your service provider is required to take action and inform you back within 28 days if the message has originated from his own network, 35 days if from others’ network. All telecom operators are quite strict about this now, and there has been little complaints on this one.

If your SMS has only a name starting with a 2-digit upper case character instead of a number, look at the table below to find its details.

So, if the message is from “AL-anyname”, it means the message has been sent through Airtel, Kerala.

First Letter Second Letter
A Bharti Airtel A Andhra Pradesh
B BSNL B Bihar
C Datacom D Delhi
D Aircel E UP-East
E Reliance Telecom G Gujarat
H HFCL H Haryana
I Idea I Himachal Pradesh
L BPL J Jammu & Kashmir
M MTNL K Kolkata
P Spice L Kerala
R Reliance Comm. M Mumbai
S STel N North East
T Tata O Orissa
U Unitech P Punjab
V Vodafone R Rajasthan
W Swan S Assam
Y Shyam T TamilNadu
V West Bengal
W UP-West
X Karnataka
Y Madhya Pradesh
Z Maharashtra
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