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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
Technopark Living

Introducing Trains Live!

Did you ever reach a railway station and find that your train is a couple of hours late? Or find yourselves waiting impatiently for a call from your near-and-dear to make sure they have reached their destinations? Hard-core Indian Railway followers will know that there is indeed a “Spot-your-train” service from our own Indian Railways but it is a bit easy to get, well, off-track 😉 .

So, Technopark Living has gathered its in-house techies and assembled a made-for-Kerala mobile-friendly site about the status of currently running trains in Kerala. Here it is – All pages, except the web version page, are geared towards mobile use. Even on GPRS connections, it should not take more than 10 secs to load.

The homepage gives you a list of all trains with the time they left their last station, and the time they are expected to arrive at the next. Or you could choose to select a station from the drop down list at the top, and get the details of all trains which are expected to arrive at the station in the next few hours. You can also track the journey of each train by clicking on its number. So make sure, you bookmark this site on your mobile.

The web version, has integrated train positions in Google Map to give a rather cool look (or that is what we think anyway).

The site is still in Beta, so be sure to send in your comments and suggestions, either as a comment to this post, or directly to (Currently, only trains touching Trivandrum Central or Kochuveli have been included, but we hope to extend it to all Kerala trains soon).

6 Comments for “Introducing Trains Live!”

  • Suraj says:

    Good Initiative

  • Arun says:

    Really helpful .

    But information about passenger trains not included ( only express trains )

    Also , Kazhakuttam station is not available in the drop down list at the top

    • Editor says:

      A station is displayed in the drop box only if a currently running train has a stop in that station. Since very few trains stop at Kazhakkoottam, it might not be always displayed.
      Passenger trains have been avoided since there might be too much data. If enough people request, we can add that too.

  • rejee says:

    Full time kollam to nagercoil Passanger Train

  • narayanan kamco says:

    It is very helpful for people who depend trains to reach their home.Hope u will include trains starting from Ekm also.Thank u.

  • narayanan kamco says:

    Realy helpful.Pl include Ekm based trains also.

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