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Friday February 24th 2017
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Kerala Assembly election dates announced

The Election Commission of India has declared dates for the assembly elections to be held in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, West Bengal and Assam. The elections to Kerala will be held on April 13, and the results will be declared on May 13.

As mentioned in these pages earlier, you can verify your name against the official voters list at the website – (Click on Electoral Roll Search in the page).

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  • ArC says:

    It would be better if the voting is scheduled on days like Fri,Sat,Sun or Monday. This will help the people who are staying away from their home for work. Most of the people in technopark needs to travel to home town for voting. If elections are scheduled in the mid of the week like this it will be difficult for people to get a leave from work and even if they get a leave it will be difficult to travel back and forth in just one day.

  • MK DAMODARAN says:

    That the 13th Kerala assembly election is on April 13 is numerologically significant.Also,the counting day is May 13.Number 13 adds up to 4.April 13,2011 gives three ‘four”.April is the 4th month.The year 2011 adds up to 4.The fate number of May 13,2011 is 4.
    The chief ministerial candidate of UDF Oommen Chandy is 67 years(67 adds up to 13).At the time of election,CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan will also be 67.Pinarayi belongs to the Zodiacal sign Of Aries.Chandy was born in the Sign of Scorpio.Both Signs are ruled by planet Mars.
    After carefully analysing the fortunes of UDF and LDF it is seen that UDF has a better chance to come to power by virtue of the highly fortunate number 4 played in the scheme of things of Oommen chandy.
    Chandy was born on October 31,1943.He became CM on August 31,2004.The birth number of Chandy is 4.The fate number is 22 that adds up to 4.He has been MLA for the last 40 years(4+0=4).He first became MLA in the 4th Assembly.
    As per numerology numbers 1 and 4 are highly inter-linked.So,numbers 1 and 4 mutually influence.Oommen Chandy is the 10th(1+0=1) person to be the CM.Also,he headed the 19th(adds up to 1) ministry.He was elected MLA for 9 times.Numerologically,he is likely to be MLA for 10 times.But,his Zodiacal Sign is represented by 9.
    Briefly,Oommen Chandy is now in the Zenith of fortune by virtue of his strong lucky numbers.So,that itself is the factor to be feared!His luck now is like a ball thrown atop.The point of time the ball reaches to the maximum top and the time it begins to fall down is too short to be imagined.
    So,if unexpected events do not take place,Chandy will be the CM after the 13th Assembly election.
    As regards the LDF,Pinarayi Vijayan is more suitable to lead it than VS.Pinarayi was born on March 21,1944.If he becomes the CM he will be the head of the 21st ministry.If not,he will be the opposition leader to the 21st ministry.If he becomes CM,he will be the 12th person to be the CM.
    VS Achuthanandan was born on October 20,1923.He is the head of the 20th ministry.Also,he is the 11th person to be the CM(20 and 11 represent 2).
    “what on earth has these numbers to do with the elections” may be the doubts of some.
    Please also read the following:-
    EMS was born on June 13,1909.His birth number is 4.Numbers 1/4 are numerological twins.EMS was the 1st and 4th CM.Pattom Thanu Pillai was the 2nd CM.He was born on July 15,1885.His Zodiacal Sign Cancer is ruled by 2.R Sankar was born on April 30,1909.His birth number is 3.He was the 3rd CM.C Achutha Menon was born on January 13,1913.His birth number is 4.He was the 4th person to be the CM.K Karunakaran was born on July 5,1918.His birth number is 5.He was the 5th man to be the CM.AK Antony was born on December 28,1940.His Zodiacal Sign Capricorn is ruled by 8.Also,his occult number is 26 that adds up to 8.He was the 8th CM.As a numerologist I have found that Antony is highly influenced by his occult number.The occult number of AK ANTONY is 26 that adds up to 8.He was,for the first time,the 8th Chief Minister of Kerala.He became AICC secretary at the age of 44.Also,he married at the age of 44(4+4=8).He was,for the first time, central minister at the age of 53(5+3=8).When he was Kerala CM in 2001,he led an 8-party coalition.Also,his party alone had 62(6+2=8) members.Strangely,out of those 62 MLAs,26 belonged to his rival group!The name “AK ANTONY” contains 8 characters.
    Pk Vasu Devan Nair was born on March 2,1926.His birth number is 2.His occult number is 56 that represents 2.Numbers 2/7 are numerological twins.He was the 7th man to be the CM.CH Mohammed Koya was born on July 15,1923.He was the 8th man to be the CM.The occult number of CH is 8.EK Nayanar was born on Dec 9,1919.His birth number is 9.He was the 9th person to be the CM.
    Number 13 is a much maligned number.Interestingly,two former CMs were born on 13th!

    My best political prediction based on numerology was about the outcome of 13th lok sabha election.That was published in THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS DAILY dated May 17,1999.Please read:-
    NO 13 lucky for Atalji!
    Kochi:The number 13 has scared the life out of many.But it seems to have a saving grace as far as Prime Minister Atalji is concerned.This interesting find comes from Mr MK Damodaran who is passionately involved with numerology.His studies into the science of numbers have proved that 13 is not unfortunate for Atal Behari Vajpayee.Here are a few of his findings:
    At present even communist mouthpieces are saying that number 13 is unfortunate for Prime Minister Vajpayee.”Vajpayee was Prime Minister for 13 days and 13 months respectively.So,13 is unlucky for him!Oh God!What on earth have the communists and rationalists to do with an occult subject like numerology”,asks Mr Damodaran.
    According to numerology,13 is not at all an unfortunate number.The belief on the cotrary is is rooted somewhere else.As for Vajpayee,13 is a fortunate and highly powerful number.
    Vajpayee was born on December 25,1924.So his birth number is 7(2+5=7).Those born on 7,16 and 25 carry the birth number 7.
    According to numerology,numbers 1,2,4 and 7 are fortunate for those with birth number 7.”But from my research I have found that some times lucky numbers turn out to be unlucky also.However,the chances of ill-luck is comparitively less.”
    “I have found that mental power can be strengthened by by strictly adhering to lucky numbers”,continuesMr Damodaran.
    In the case of Vajpayee,numbers 1,2,4 and 7 have played prominent role his life.
    1)Firstly he became Prime Minister on May 16,1996.Both the date and year represent number 7,since they add up to 7.
    2)Then he was the 10th Prime Minister-adds up to 1(1+0=1).
    3)He ruled for 13 days-adds up to 4(1+3=4)
    4)He resigned on May 28-adds up to 1(2+8=10,1+0=1)
    5)Secondly he became Prime Minister on March 19(1+9=10,1+0=1)
    6)Then he was the 13th Prime Minister
    7)He ruled for 13 months with 13 parties.
    8)He lost power in April-the 4th month
    9)He was voted out by 1 vote
    10)He under took the historic Lahore trip on February 20,1999.
    The date adds up to 2(2+0=2).February is the 2nd month.1999 adds up to 1(1+9+9+9=28,2+8=10,1+0=1).
    11)The number of the name Vajpayee is 28 which adds up to 1.The name AB Vajpayee carries the number 31 which adds up to 4.He is also Known as Atalji which carries the number 11,that adds up to 2.
    In short,Vajpayee is highly influenced by numbers 1,2,4 and 7.
    Frankly speaking,a prediction in electoral victory or government formation cannot be done by numerology.Of cours,it can be done by expert asrologers.
    However,in view of the fact that Vajpayee’s powerful numbers 1,2,4 and 7 are prominently influencing him,certain hints can be got.
    1)Election is for the 13th Lok Sabha.Since it adds up to 4 and number 4 is lucky for Vajpayee the coming election is likely to be in his favour.
    2)The election year is 1999 which adds up to 1-his lucky number.
    3)In the history of Indian democracy,no defeated person who conducted election as caretaker Prime Minister has returned to rule.Vajpayee is likely to “break the record” as the 1st person.
    As regards Sonia,her prominent numbers are 3,6,8 and 9.
    She was born on December 9.For those born on the 9th of any month,numbers 3,6 and 9 are highly influential.
    Sonia’s name number is 17 which adds up to 8(1+7=8).The name Sonia Gandhi carries the number 36 which adds up to 9(3+6=9).To put it briefly,her prominent numbers are 3,6,8 and 9.
    She became a widow on May 21 which adds up to 3(2+1=3).At that time she was 44 years old(4+4=8).She became a member of the Congress on May 8.She plunged into politics in 1998-which adds up to 9(1+9+9+8=27,2+7=9).
    However the coming election has no considerable influence on her numbers.
    Another strong hint is that the possibility of a person from the Nehru family again becoming the Prime Minister of India is rather dim.
    Nehru was born in 1889.India saw the end of Nehru dynasty in 1989-that is,100 years after the birth of Nehru.
    The Indian National Congress was split in 1969-that is,100 years after the birth of Mahatma.
    There is no possibility of the revival of the pre-1969 Congress.The same seems to be the case of another person from the Nehru family heading the government.
    Jayalalitha’s birth number is 6.So,numbers 3,6 and 9 are lucky for her.In fact her penchant for number 9 is quite well-known.
    It is seen that she lived at house number 36,that at her foster son Sudhakaran’s marriage the bridegroom’s party was led by 27 mounted policemen and that the cultural troupe consisted of 27 members and that at a mass wedding for 1008 brides she presided over,the menu had 18 items(each number adds up to 9).Her party has 18 Mps.
    Quite recently,the AIADMK withdrew from the coordination panel on April 9 and Jaya left for New Delhi with a 9-day-mission to topple the Vajpayee government.
    Actually,the votes polled against Vajpayee were 270 which adds up to 9.But,alas,within 9 days the dream of an alternative government was also shattered.
    (The New Indian Express-May 17,1999)

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