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Friday February 24th 2017
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Kerala Elections 2011: a website to decide your vote!

Kerala Elections 2011A new website,, promises to help in choosing the best party to vote for, depending on one’s own views. The idea is simple – the user is taken along a survey-type series of questionnaires, and is finally is presented with the party which is most aligned to one’s own ideals. You can even get a “degree of alignment” with each party, thankfully restricted to the six major parties in Kerala.

According to the website, “a new election tool, Voting Aid Application (VAA) in simple terms is an Internet application that helps voters to find a party that stands closest to the voters’ preferences. It is an initiative by a group of political scientists and researchers from Center for Direct Democracy, University of Zürich, University of Kerala and a group of internet developers from PIT Solutions, a web development company with offices in Switzerland and India.”

While the idea of using a website to choose a party seems a bit far-fetched, the results would certainly show up some surprises, a fact most likely due to the information overload we are experiencing these days. The actual policies of political parties are hidden by the garbage accumulating in our media headlines. If not for anything else, just take the journey for sheer curiosity –

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