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Tuesday February 28th 2017
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Typing in Malayalam, or other Indian languages

malayalamDo you use Malayalam (Tamil/Hindi…) words in your chats, tweets, facebook by typing in English? Ever wondered how to input actual Malayalam fonts easily in them. Actually, it turns out to be very easy, if you are working on Windows.

Microsoft India has some cool tools to do this. The basic idea is simple and known as transliteration – you type in the words in English and it outputs the actual Malayalam words. You can try it out here In the Try it now section, enter any Malayalam word and type a space or enter key to transliterate.

To enable it across applications, download the “Desktop Version” and install it in your computer. Follow the instructions in the “Getting Started” link. Now, if you want to type in Malayalam in any application, just change the language from EN to MY in your taskbar. That application (and only that application) will now have Malayalam input until it is closed. Browsers, Google Chats, Word/Excel/Outlook – it works flawlessly in all applications. In chats especially, if the other party also has it enabled, it actually turns out to be a much more heart-to-heart conversation!

PS: If Microsoft can do that, so can Google. A google version is also available at

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