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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
Technopark Living

Assembly session restarts: traffic blocks are back again

The second session of the 13th legislative assembly started on Friday. Not surprisingly, agitators are back on the streets. Last Friday witnessed street battles between SFI (back in fighting spirit after 5 “own-government” years of rather peaceful protests) and police (gearing up for more violent confrontations ahead). Friday’s battle had the so-familiar-to-Trivandrum mix of students with stones (and hiding in University College campus after stone pelting), and police with water canons, tear gas and grenades (charging who ever is unlucky and unable to enter University College campus).

The assembly session ends on July 20. The roads in front of Secretariat and Legislative Assembly will be filled with protesters and roads and bylanes in this area are likely to be congested from 11 AM. All city residents are requested to keep note of this.

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