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Thursday March 30th 2017
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3G Tariff Plans in Kerala (updated 31/07/14)

Kerala 3G plans
(Plans updated: 31-Jul-14)

Note: Airtel and Vodafone uses Idea 3G network for their 3G service in Kerala. Rates are similar to Idea 3G. 

[Update 20-May-2012: We are removing Aircel plans due to the lack of clarity in their schemes]

With Idea also starting their 3G services in Kerala, all the four licensed 3G operators (BSNL, Tata Docomo, Aircel and Idea) are now 3G enabled. So which one should you choose? Read on…

You can choose either the data-only plan or the combo plan, which combines data and voice. The former is just an add-on to an existing voice plan, and hence offers significant flexibility in 3G. The latter offers less flexibility, but is much more convenient to manage. One aspect of the 3G plans is that there is no significant difference between the pre-paid and post-paid plans.


Following is the comparison of data plans:

3G Plans – Kerala
BSNL Tata DoCoMo Idea
MRP Data (MB) MRP Data (MB) MRP Data (MB)
91 300 107 300
155 1000 128 750 199 600
 252  2000 255 1875# 249 1000
351 3125 348 1500
561 5000  449 4375 448 2000
1011 10000 646/745/848/949/1146 3/4/5/6/8GB@3G, unlimited @80kbps afterwards

# Unlimited Whatsapp + 300MB Facebook.
*All plans have a validity of 1 month
*Extra data charge will be Rs.2/MB for BSNL, Rs.10/MB for Tata, and Rs.4/MB for Idea



If you have any experience to share regarding 3G services in Kerala, do comment below.

[Update 27-Apr-2011: There is an interesting site – – which does a decent job in comparing your needs. The service is in beta now and compares only existing 3G services, but they have promised to bring in 2G plans also under its ambit]

41 Comments for “3G Tariff Plans in Kerala (updated 31/07/14)”

  • Shafeek says:

    Airtel its bad service in 3G plans

  • Anonymous says:

    Very infotmative..thnks.keep updating

  • JINTO says:

    BSNL’s Service is very bad. No customer care. 3G has 2G Speed only.

  • Santosh says:

    Taken BSNL 3G Connection 1 month back. It has a very good tariff plan. Bur Customer care service is very very poor. will not recommend BSNL because of poor customer care. Signals were lost due to a short travel outside the state of kerala.

  • Mathew says:

    never ever go for Vodafone!! it is the worst for 2G/3G plans!

  • sree says:

    I had been in Kannur and Waynad. I used to get 3g, if not great, but still good, connectivity there. But here in tvm I haven’t seen my bsnl connection showing ‘h’ it’s always ‘e’. I have both thh the dongle of bsnl and my phone has 3g subscription. Never did I get a 3g connectivity here. I assume bsnl is working really hard to provide worst service in the capital city. Very sad.

  • Ramachandran says:

    Whether Aircel having service in Kerala?.

  • sooraj says:

    bsnl 3g sucks.. i have been recharging for 3g packs but only getting 2g services most of the time. it very rarely switches to 3g/H mode. ( nothing wrong with my mob)

    also customer care of bsnl is the worst. i guarantee it

  • Amrit says:

    I am using bsnl 3g from past 6 months, sometime its good but most of the time its very slow, sometime i am not able to call someone due to bad network, when call get connected voice is not getting properly, i want to switch to idea, please suggest is idea have a good service in Kerala..

  • Jacob says:

    Sick of BSNL 3G service in Trivandrum, have been using it for past 3 years now. iPhone never stays in 3G mode, always switches to edge. Even if it stays in 3G, speeds are very low. If you do connect-disconnect couple of times, it will eventually catches a good connection and gives you 3-4 mbps.
    Now in the process of porting to Tata Docomo. Used T24 connection (they use Tata Docomo towers) for few days. 3G is rock solid at Technopark and trivandrum. But if you are travelling outside trivandrum, you will get 3G only in Kollam, Alapuzha, Kochi etc …
    If you really want a good stable 3G connection throughout Kerala, use Idea. My wife uses Idea. Rates are a bit on the higher side, but we haven’t seen any area without their 3G coverage.
    Hope this helps

  • Sham says:

    I use Idea 3G, in TVM ( outside city ). 99% of the time my iphone shows E, not 3G and that sucks man.

  • Satheesh says:

    Thanks for all the information.

    Tata Docomo is the service which I use,and they have good voice and data plans and people can use them in city limits. so I stay in Kochi and I feel better with their services, but when I leave to my home town at shoranur, but not when I reach my home.. They do not have any connectivity and its too hard to avail their services on travel.

    Don’t know why they focus only for Urban areas…

  • Anonymous says:

    Go for Bsnl. Among others worst service is of Vodofone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aircel re launches. In Kerala

  • JK says:

    I am in dire straits. I have tried out almost every operator. Airtel has network issues in the part of trivandrum city where I live. They admitted that one of their towers is not functioning due to a disagreement with the landlord of the property where it is installed. Idea is good but lousy customer care. If u look at the coverage map of Kerala, trivandrum has comparably worse coverage and speeds for most networks.

    • JK says:

      DoCoMo has great speeds but literally no coverage outside Kochi and the other cities. Even most urban areas in trivandrum are not supported.

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