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Friday February 24th 2017
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Boozers in the Kuppi – An App for Boozers

Now Boozers can plan it better through technology

The app called Kuppi’ lists the price of every foreign liquor that is distributed through BEVCO. Kuppi has a huge menu that shows various sections of liquor such as brandy, gin, vodka etc. Select any section and user will get the entire price list.

You can get the app from google play –


Another interesting feature of the app is the option called ‘What u get?“. In this option, the user will have to enter the available money in hand and select the liquor type. By pressing the ‘Get List’, the app will show the lists of liquors which can be bought using the money user currently have. Kuppi also shows the number of “Dry Days” in the state. A user can search for the nearest Beverages Corporation outlets by choosing the Beverages outlet menu. Kuppi shows the entire BEVCO outlets in Kerala. A hilarious feature of Kuppi is the ‘Pazhamchollukal’ which is a collection of various funny sayings about drinking.

All said well the creators of this app has put up a disclaimer in google play though –

“We created this app only for fun and we do not promote drinking anyway. 🙂

All data, photos, ‘Pazhamchollukal’ & code we used in this app is taken from internet. All credits goes to their respective creators. We created nothing, just assembled all the things we get from the net.”

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