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Tuesday February 28th 2017
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Its all Cheers with Vgulp – An app to get best deals for Drinkers


Enter Vgulp, a Startup that helps drinkers get awesome deals. Official site

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With hundreds of deals sites running for every conceivable stuff in the market, would anyone think that we would get deals for Drinkers? Enter Vgulp, a Startup that helps drinkers get awesome deals.

They help discover more places to drink out and shop liquor. Now, are you asking if the founder is a malayalee? Don’t get me wrong, the founders Anand Janardhanan and Ajeesh Udumbath, both B.E Graduates  are from Kerala are asked this question and they reply with a smile : Tech, Liquor and Malayalees! They both met at People10, where they worked previously.  Anand is responsible for Marketing, Business Development, Product Strategy and Fund Raising at Vgulp. Ajeesh is responsible for Product, Technology, Architecture and Frameworks.

Ajeesh has mentioned to the TPL correspondent the new Vgulp mobile app will be release soon.

Story behind the Startup right from creators

So we were colleagues at work, and we used to hangout with a bunch of friends. When we felt the need for a central place that we could go to and find out what were the nearby deals in town – on weekdays and weekends and when you have so many friends telling you the same things – you get the hint there is the need for an app like this. Secondly, there are a lot of good places that don’t have enough walk-ins or awareness, and they resort to putting a lot of deals – that there are no takers for, again lack of visibility. So we decided to bridge that gap.

So yes, we started building the app, and in the meanwhile, we started exploring the future of what Vgulp could be – spend almost 6 – 8 months talking to a group of users, retailers and brands, and we knew it was time to get it out, probably do it as part time. However as we talked to more people the need was very clear and we decided to execute the complete roadmap of the product vision quickly. The moment we got into the data process, we realized it was too much and the market opportunity was too big to do it part time, and we quit our jobs. We did make some really weird assumptions of doing it part time icon smile Vgulp   Grab a Deal on your next Drink and Thank these Guys!

We would be out of private beta by end of August. Getting the data up, user traction and product improvements are key. They are not mutually exclusive; it’s fundamentally chicken and egg for the first few months. So in terms of plan – having Pan Bangalore data up on the portal by end of August is one of the objectives, which is about 200+ exclusive deals. We are also improving the product UI, and building some cool features on the social side.

We do not know how long we we would be in an open beta, perhaps an year. Private beta is going good, we once in a while get calls and emails from users – most of the times it’s appreciation and rarely they say how much we suck and how we could have done a few things better. But we listen, because they are the key. We have 40 – 50 deal claims a week, and it’s improving everyday. We have offers not just from Bar owners, but also from liquor shops – the transactions in a liquor shop are larger in sheer quantity. Like we said, we are yet to rollout to 4000+ in the queue mainly because their location preferences don’t match with places we have offers in. We believe the product by nature would get talked about and challenge would be to get in front of so many us and influencers in every clan try us out.

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