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Tuesday February 28th 2017
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Google will now sell Facebook… Ads

Google Likes Facebook. Facebook +1 Google

When the biggest 2 giants in online shake hands it is big news. Now advertisement will take a new face (book) through google

Google and Facebook announced a detente of sorts on Friday in which Google will sell Facebook ad inventory.



Google’s ad buying software, DoubleClick Bid Manager, announced a partnership with Facebook to participate in FBX, the social network’s advertising platform. Clients have been able to buy advertising space across the Web. Adding Facebook as a destination ad site extends DoubleClick’s reach even further.

In a few months, marketers will be able to buy ads for Facebook’s Ad Exchange on the platform.

“Partnership has been key to Google’s success as a rising tide lifts all boats. So we’re excited to announce a new way to help our clients succeed by working with Facebook to participate in FBX, their real-time bidding exchange,” Payam Shodjai, Senior Product Manager at Google, wrote in apost.

Facebook introduced FBX last year. The program lets advertisers drop cookies in users browsers and then retarget those users when the re-enter Facebook.

Though Facebook and Google compete on many levels, their partnership isn’t unprecedented. In June 2012, Google bought Wildfire, a social media marketing agencies that develops ad campaigns for Facebook, among others. Facebook this year also purchased Atlas, an ad server that sells ads on Google’s display network

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