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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
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LG’s 5-inch flexible plastic OLED display


First announced earlier this week, the 5-inch LG’s flexible OLED HD panel display sports a plastic construction, which allows it to be both bendable and unbreakable. Most alluring of all, though, is LG’s intimation that the screen tech will debut in a smartphone by the end of this year. Before we get lost in thoughts about a tricked-out Optimus G, let’s take a look at this early prototype.

The panel is made of plastic substrates, which are both more flexible and cheaper to manufacture than their glass counterparts. In fact, cost-effectiveness seems to be the chief objective overall. Clumsy consumers will benefit as well — in a smartphone, the glass above the screen could break, but the OLED panel would stay in tact, resulting in lower repair costs. The 5-inch screen is lightweight and responsive to twists and bends; it felt like a thick film strip.

The panel could sport a bigger or smaller size when it debuts in a smartphone later this year. And though the prototype on display here today was labeled merely as “HD,” we’re sure that resolution could be adjusted as well.

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