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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Microsoft releases Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

Microsoft has released Windows 8.1, its new OS upgrade from Windows 8. Microsoft had introduced many new features in Windows 8, but had to face harsh criticism from users without a touch interface. The new upgrade is intended to satisfy the ordinary desktop users, but it also does contain a slick of new features. Some of the new features include

  • The Start button is back!
  • Super smart search – search for apps, files, text, wiki, map, weather ….. it is super-smart
  • No limit to the number of tabs which can be opened in IE 10 (compare to 10 in Windows 8)
  • Multi-tasking, now possible even in “Metro/Modern UI” mode
  • New size options for Start screen, can now even share desktop and Start screen
  • Boot straight to desktop mode
  • Auto-update for apps

The new OS actually takes less space than the old one. And with a boot time of around 30 secs, this desktop actually boots faster than most smartphones!

At a retail (download) price of around Rs. 8000, there may not be enough takers in India – but since many branded PC/laptops come with Windows 8 pre-installed, and upgrade from 8 to 8.1 is free, this may be worth trying out.

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