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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Nokia World reveals phablets and tablets in Abu Dhabi – Lumia gets REAL big

_70623369_phabs2Nokia has unveiled its first phablets – extra-large phones – as well as its first tablet computer.

This was the juicy news everyone was waiting for. Nokia unveiled the 10.1? Lumia 2520, a $499 Windows RT 8.1 tablet with LTE. It’s expected to start shipping this coming fall, with the initial roll out kicking off in the US, the UK, and Finland, with additional countries to follow “shortly after.”

Much like the Microsoft Surface, the Lumia 2520 pairs with a $150 Nokia Power Keyboard, a wraparound cover that includes a fully functional keypad. Unlike the Surface, however, the attachment features a gesture trackpad and also provides five hours of extra battery life and two built-in USB ports. Nokia claims its tablet provides fast-charging capability: up to an 80 percent charge in one hour.

It comes with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi. Since it’s running Windows RT, it also ships with Microsoft Office and Outlook preinstalled, which Nokia says makes it “an ideal mix of fun and productivity.”

Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320 – The Big phones

Nokia announced not one but two 6? smartphones today – the $739 Lumia 1520 which will go to market in Q4 2013, and the $339 Lumia 1320 which will follow in Q1 2014.

Both ship with Windows Phone 8 and feature a 6-inch screen, though the former has a 1080p display and the latter has a 720 display.

Despite this, both devices will be able to include a new third column of tiles on the home screen. This shows the close ties between Microsoft and Nokia: the latter is well-aware of the former’s decision to have the extra Windows Phone tiles depend on screen size rather than resolution.

Highlight of this new phone is a re-focused photography. No bad faces pleeeeeeaase.

The Windows Phone handsets introduce the ability to change which objects in a photo are in focus after it is taken.

Indeed, one area Nokia has been generating a lot of noise these days is in photography, exemplified by the 41-megapixel sensor in the Lumia 1020 smartphone that came out earlier in the year.

Nokia says all the latest devices include very good cameras too, if not quite getting up to 41 megapixels.

Nokia decided with the 2520 to go with Windows RT 8.1, the same version of Windows as in Microsoft’s new Surface 2 tablet. It is the version that is aimed more at the tablet user, as opposed to the more PC-oriented Pro version on Microsoft’s Surface 2 Pro.

Other details: Nokia claims the 2520 can reach an 80% charge in one hour. And Nokia with the 2520 is teaming with DreamWorks Animation on a new “Dragons Adventure” interactive game. Also included, a Nokia Storyteller app that lets people curate and relive images and videos as a story on a map.

Speaking of maps, Nokia says its integrated HERE Maps app makes the 2520 the only tablet with true offline maps.

U.S. availability comes later in the year on AT&T, at an expected price of $499.

Meanwhile, Nokia weighs in with a pair of new super-sized screen smartphones, commonly known as “phablets.” The high-end quad-core Lumia 1520, as well as the more modestly-priced Lumia 1320 devices have whopping 6-inch high definition displays. The former can get up to full 1080p resolution, the latter 720p.

The 1520 priced at a lofty $749 price before any taxes or subsidies; the 1320 is priced at $339 before subsidies. The 1520 will be available this quarter in the U.S. (exclusive to AT&T to start) and elsewhere. The 1320 will be available after the first of the year but not the U.S.

A 20 megapixel “Pure View” camera is included in the 1520, which can be dressed in yellow, white, black or glossy red. The 1320 has a 5-megapixel shooter and is also available in multiple colors.

The latest handsets also feature the Storyteller. And the Windows Phone 8 platform that these phones run on will be helped by the addition of various popular third party apps, including Instagram and Vine.

Among the options on the device side: wireless charging.

“Nokia’s challenge is not so much in its ability to deliver qualitative new product experiences but more in the overall brand perception – especially when entering a brand-new market like tablets,” Forrester analyst Thomas Husson says. “Despite a more affordable price, the respective positioning of Nokia’s new tablet versus the Surface 2 is not obvious and will have to be dealt with post Nokia’s acquisition.”

From Abu Dhabi, Nokia also unveiled lower-priced Asha-branded handsets but they’re not currently slated for the U.S. market.

Nokia Store in Abudhabi can be found at Khaldiyah Mall – Khaldiyah Street – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

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