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Friday February 24th 2017
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5 simple steps to keep yourself healthy


Simple ways to keep yourself Healthy

  1. Drinking 2 glasses of water as soon you get up in the morning
    1. Cleanse your body, bladder & kidneys.
  2.  Just 30 minutes of exercise, be it walking ,running, simple ground exercise, thread mill or cycling
  3. Drinking 10 glasses of water daily, i.e. around 2 – 3 litres of water
  4. Avoid fast foods like burger pizza, fried chicken, red meat & maida foods as much as possible. Take those only when your mind really crave for it. This will make those food more tastier.Definitely fish is good for our body and at times have it fried to keep your cravings low…..but remember at times….:)
  5. Have a whole body checkup yearly after the age of 40
      1. Keeps you updated with changes happening to your body and helps you prevent going into serious conditions by detecting diseases or illness early itself.


Courtesy : Zinumol P K M

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