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Friday February 24th 2017
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Best Architect Awards announced – The Zingy Awards

zingy homesZingy Awards is an initiative to provide a platform to help architects and interior designers gain visibility in the mainstream. Zingy Homes is organizing an online award event to recognize and honor interior designers and architects who have been working behind the scenes incessantly and creating beautiful spaces for us to live and work in.

The awards is adjudged for the following categories: Best Commercial Architect, Best Commercial Interior Designer, Best Residential Architect, and Best Residential Interior Designer.





The awards has been announced yesterday.

Best Residential Interior Designer – Hameeda Sharma

Best Residential Architect – Siji Rehana and Sudeep Parambath

Best Commercial Interior Designer – Aamir Sharma

Best Commercial Architect – Associates Pvt Ltd

To know the winners go to

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