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Friday February 24th 2017
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Girl got attacked and assaulted near Technopark!


Is the best IT park in the country unsafe?

Another shocking incident reveals that Technopark and its surroundings are not a safe place for ladies.  A lady software engineer was attacked by a group of three men on her way back to home after office hours.

The place where incident happened is very near to Technopark and after multiple requests from techies, the area is not lit up well. For a IT park which is growing in exponential rate and aiming towards becoming world’s number one IT Park this does put it in a good light. TPL again requests the authorities take immediate and urgent actions to make the place safe

The incident happened when she was returning home at thrippadapuram( backside of Technopark) around 9.00 PM, and she was accompanied by two of her friends. suddenly three men came in bikes blocked her way and tried to assault and attack her, and the attackers left her when her friends cried by asking help.


The victim lodged a complaint in kazhakkoottam police station, and the investigation is in progress, and police charged case against three men identified by the girl. As per records a dozen of molestation cases are reported on an average in and around technopark every month. These are the indicators of the growing menace, according to experts. the recent incident occurred to the techie girl reveals how dangerous is the situation we are going through. The number of molestation cases reported this year is the highest in the last 5 years.

Notwithstanding police claims of increased surveillance their appears to be no letup in cases of molestation of women in the city.

We advice that all techie women who works late or travelling alone should take necessary security & self defense measures.

To ensure safety, please follow the measures advised below :

  • Avoid travelling alone especially during late hours.
  • Carry self defense tools like Pepper Spray/ Kobutans
  • Carry Torch
  • Do not travel through dimly-lit areas.
  • Do not display gold jewelry prominently.
  • If you have to work late, you can avail company transportation with your manager’s approval .
  • If you see anything suspicious, immediately call out for help:
    • Police: 100/ Kazhakootam Police station: 0471 2418320
    • Women Helpline: 1091
    • Technopark Assignment Inspector: 9846241797


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