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Friday February 24th 2017
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Hands On Experience Workshop On Quality Maintenance To Achieve ZERO DEFECT STATUS

Location : Bangalore >> Bangalore, India
Category : Seminars
Venue : Carborundum Universal Limited, Thiruvottiyur , Bangalore, India
Date : July 25 , 2012 – July 26 , 201
Event Profile :
 Hands on Experience Workshop on Quality Maintenance to achieve ZERO DEFECT STATUS will be held on 25-26 July 2012: at Carborundum Universal Limited, Thiruvottiyur , Bangalore, India.

The concept of Quality Maintenance pillar has been discussed in various forums and the methodology has been understood by the participants. However it has been found that using the concepts in actual workplace has been rather difficult. In order to support industries to overcome this problem, TPM CLUB INDIA is organizing a workshop to provide hands on experience on how to use this excellent concept to achieve ZERO DEFECT STATUS.


Workshop Coverage:
This workshop has been designed to provide the following knowledge and skill aspects of Quality Maintenance pillar activities to the participants.
1) Knowledge of QM Pillar activities & relation to Kobetsu Kaizen Pillar.
2) Understanding relationship & support required from JH.
3) Understanding how to define a defect the TPM way (phenomenon definition & classification).
4) Understanding the defect mode.
5) Capturing the defect data in a company & documentation.
6) Preparation of Quality Assurance Matrix and its usage in three stages
7) Understanding the 4M conditions in 4 stages
8) Understanding the QM matrix
9) Understanding the Q Components.
10)Poka Yoke
11)Cost of Quality
The workshop will be conducted at Carborundum Universal Limited – Thiruvottiyur, competitors to the host company will not be entitled to participate in the workshop. Only on receiving of Delegates fee in Advance the participation will be confirmed.  Numbers of Seats are restricted to 30 only.
Faculty: Mr P M Janagiraman ,Senior Counsellor, TPM Club India

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