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Tuesday February 28th 2017
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Irresponsible Citizens. Get a waste bag you antisocials

IMG_20131110_081714Today I went to museum for my morning walk as usual. As soon as I entered museum there was a foul smell in the air.

Museum is a well maintained place in Trivandrum city. Even though animal zoo is also inside museum it is a pleasant place to have a morning walk. That is why so many people come there and enjoy their walk. Recently the museum was renovated and cleaned. The lawns were also made very beautiful to match international standards.

But today when I entered museum itself there was a foul smell. When I walked my usual walk I noticed wastes were dumped in 2 places. There were a lot of paper plates, plastic glasses, papers. Obviously it was done by a group who thought of partying in Museum and after enjoying it.

But it was really irresponsible from that group to dump all the waste in such a neat place.The waste was dumped were there was no camera. So obviously this is intentional

If they were already planning to party in Museum they should have brought their own waste bags as it is the waste IMG_20131110_083745bins in Museum is kept to hold only a minimal waste. We cannot expect Museum authorities to place huge waste bins as it is not expected to lunch in Museum. We citizens has to be more responsible here.

For this incident there are 2 types of irresponsible citizens – One the main culprit who dumped the waste. Second who have not opposed or reported this move.

It is our city, more than any officials it is our duty to keep it clean and tidy.

If anybody knows the people who have done it, TPL requests them to please report this to Museum Authorities

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