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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Tips For Buying a Used Car


Before carrying out Investigation involved buying a second hand car, attend these tips to help you

Type of car: Be clear what kind of car you want. In the case of a second hand car, you will have more flexibility to choose, for within your budget you can find a greater choice of different segments and in different states. It usually happens that the cheap cars have more seniority or less features than the higher price.

Where to buy: Choose well the location and type of purchase, you have three options: Private, place of purchase and sale or official dealer. To refine and streamline a little searching, the best place and the first stop for your search certainly has to be the Internet. First search your budget that fits the type of car you want and make a price comparison. For use specific means for buying and selling used cars or directly to the websites of the various dealerships in your area. Please note, that in the end have to go to see the vehicle before you buy.

Take advice: If you have the advice of an expert in the field, the better. It is common to hear that the model that we like has been owned by an elderly lady, with driver, who always kept in garage and barely used. It is advisable to analyze all the sections that make up the vehicle: body, engine, transmission, and interior, looking for possible paint and body repairs that betray a bad deal. Normally windows gums, the “waters” in painting, bubbles or differences in tone between two components of the body betray a bad repair done. We should also seek engine fluid leaks, transmission or cooling system.

An effective way to detect these latest incidents is upload it to a lift carefully to observe the state of the underside of the car.

Test: Ask the owner to give you a car driving around with him. We will look at your driving, if it requires a lot to the engine, if you make changes quickly and if you’re driving, try to cover vehicle problems(with handling the steering wheel can hide the address “pulls” to one side, if it takes too long to shift gears can mean that it scratches, if you brake too early may that brakes are not good). Later we will drive to verify that there are no problems with the car.

Mechanics Identifies potential vehicle pains: The clearances, noise, squeaks and fumes are also symptoms of premature aging. If the address has excessive play by turning to both sides, tires can also show uneven wear. If the engine fires bluish white smoke and smells oily, is not in very good condition and burning of the oil for lubrication.

Interior: Your state will give you an idea of?the treatment he has received the car throughout its life. Normally you do not serve the odometer mileage for the model, since in many cases will have been “retouched”. The wear on carpets and pedals can be very significant. Flyer status also can indicate the use of the car. A soft and shiny flyer at the top indicates that the model easily exceeded the hundred thousand miles.

Maintenance: Order the book keeping the safest way to know car maintenance is maintenance request book and compare the information with the workshop where they have conducted periodic reviews.

Papers: Check Car administrative state can attend the Provincial Traffic to check the “administrative” car, i.e. if you have pending charges, such as fines, reservations of title, liens, etc. and know the number of owners who have had, the date of first registration, etc.

Documentation: Must be complete and in good condition. The seller must give us a copy of your ID, receipts Circulation Tax past 5 years, the Technical Inspection Card with the “ITV” in force if the vehicle has more than four years, the Registration Certificate and a contract of sale, all duly completed, signed and entitled. If you do not have much time, we can use the services of a professional or private agency we will make the process quick and safe for little money. In case of purchase in a licensed, should provide us with a regulatory bill.

Common Sense: Caution, the “nose” and common sense are the best tips to avoid last minute problems. The rush is never good. Usually sellers, whether professional or private, always have someone else interested in the car that we like. If so interested is the other person, to buy it. There are more cars than sausages .Normally the sale and the dealers offer better guarantees and are easier to locate in case of problems.


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