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Friday February 24th 2017
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Trivandrum Running Club – TRACS, join the club for a healthy life

tracsThe city reinventing the joy of running along with its health perks with  Trivandrum Runners Club .  Trivandrum Runners Club  known as ‘Tracs’  is on with an initiative to promote running as a healthy way of life.

‘Tracs’, an open group of people with a common liking for running,  was inaugurated in the city with a 10 kms run from Kowdiar to the Central Stadium and back on Sunday, Nov 10.

The ‘runners’ behind the idea are Abhayakumar, an Architect; Vargheese Oommen, a tour operator; Sooraj Khan, a photographer; and Janeesh Jalal, a tour operator – all Trivandrumites.

“We invite all those who love to run to join us and can be a group aiming at developing a healthy life style through ‘Tracs’ and can share experiences helpful to quit smoking and drinking. We, under ‘Tracs’, plan to run every Sunday mornings in the city,” said Abhayakumar.

Those interested in joining ‘Tracs’ can contact and confirm your presence at 99958 69578 or in Facebook:


There is several inspiring stories behind TRACS. The Famous one being that of Abhay, who reduced his weight from 103 kilos to 75 Kilos by just jogging.

The Story of Abhay’s Run

Finally i am gathering the courage to do this.
Obliging all my friends who asked me to do so.

There is a 2 fold reason why i am putting this up.
1. There are a few i need to express my thanks to
2. I would love to see if at-least 1 person get inspired

This post is gonna be a little long, so a standard disclaimer : Read only if the content interests you, and don’t blame be if it is long.
Its my wall and i am the boss 

CIRCA 2012
In my mind’s comfort zone, i kept my weight stagnant at 90-95kg till an alarm prompt from a very good friend, i took a proper weight check in Dec 2012.
It read 103Kg, sending me some chilling after shocks.

Hailing from a family which had lot males with multiple heart attacks post 40s, i have been on the look out for some way out to reduce the ever burgeoning waist line and be fit.
I have been then, of late thinking of meeting my schoolmate and good friend Dr Deepak who incidentally did the angio of my father in 2005 for a review and advise there on.
But i was scared, Deepak have all the freedom to abuse me for my negligence.
Deepak Davidson i can tell you that i did want to do a bit of effort before i meet you for a check up (still pending)

I am remembering a few names, not in the order of importance, but in the order of appearance, who did help me in this journey.

Sudesh Balan – my arch classmate, for this own weight loss experience in US, gave me tips on the way we eat and how it affects us.

MAY 2013.
By avoiding rice and little bit of restraint on food intake, i could get it to 98Kgs from 103Kgs.

JUNE 2013
I started walking every day, close to an hour.
Santhosh Jk showed me that the best way to inspire anyone is to simply do it and it was him who introduced the app – Run keeper, which turned out to be a good companion in my journey to momentum.
When i started walking, i was in touch with JK for some tips and all.

SEP 2013
Then come the running duo of SeemaRamesh . Simply awesome.
Most of you here who know me from school days will recollect that i was hardly athletic and always tend towards the artistic.
So when Ramesh, with close to 40 marathons under his singlet, told me to start trying running post <85, i was a little skeptic.
But the enthusiastic in me got better of that, started slowly running when i came below 90.
From there own its been a wonderful journey, enjoying the morning run.
Seema & Ramesh, JK thank you for getting me into the wonder joy of running.

NOV 2013
103 to 75kilos
a tight 38 ” to 32″
1000 + kilometres
a few kilometers of elevation
But this would not have been possible without the support of my family, a bit amused in the beginning to being thrilled to now alarmed 
Thanks to my wife, Swapna for ensuring that my food stayed controlled, for years she have tried her bit to get me off the couch.
Special thanks to my girls Devika and Nitika, they were great companions in this journey, playful as well, pulling my leg to the max 
i am sure there will be many who will think of giving it a try.
For all those, i have loads of information to share on, most welcome to contact me, would be happy to share it


Eventhough its said its never t0o late, procrastinators has there own sad stores. So join today itself

Those interested in joining ‘Tracs’ can contact and confirm your presence at 99958 69578 or in Facebook:

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