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Friday February 24th 2017
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Why you should not miss “Escape from Uganda”

21327125.cmsKudos to  Rajesh Nair for his second malayalam movie,”Escape From Uganda”, which takes you to a fast paced escape movie in Edie Amin’s own Uganda. At any point during the show of  you will never feel distracted even if there are crying babies in the theater.

Stunning performance from Rima Kallingal and Vijay Babu in “Escape From Uganda” will glue you to the seats for the entire two and a half hours.

Catch “Escape From Uganda”  at

SreeVishak, TrivandrumDirections – Phone:(0471) 2331222

Abhilash, Kottayam  – Directions – Phone:2580078

Q Cinemas, Gold Souk Grande Ernakulam Kerala  – Directions – Phone:(0484) 406 6333

Padma, MG Road Ernakulam Ernakulam Kerala – Directions – Phone:0484-2354233

Carnival Cinemas, KSRTC Bus Stand Complex, 5th Floor Angamaly Kerala 683572 – Directions

CORONATION, Calicut Calicut Kerala  – Directions

APSARA, Calicut Kerala – Directions – Phone:0495-2703952

Expert Review

The story is based on the incidents an young couple face upon reaching Uganda and trying to build a life there away from the parents who opposed their marriage. The movie right from the outset tells us of the danger that lurks around in each corner of Africa, the possibilities and the only way out: ESCAPE.

In the movie making, Rajesh has come a long way from the AIE days. The pace is well set right from the beginning, the story unfolding quickly and the plot is set. The story has enough twists to keep you hooked to the screen. And it gathers pace, once it reaches its crux: the escape plan. Well thought about detailing of the prison scenes and the mix of African characters in scene space.

The challenge of presenting a Malayalam film in a predominantly foreign language speaking setting is well maneuvered by the director. Don’t feel the oddity of suddenly all key posts being filled with mallus like in some recent military movies.

Casting is good, especially the choice of African supporting actors and the way they have acted. In the lead, Rima does a fine job, a shade continuation from the 22fK mode. She is the next Madhavi, ever ready for action. She was superb in the torture scenes, braving without doubles! Male lead, Vijay Babu, struggles to impress the emotion of a struck hubby, but is just ok. I would have loved a husband who has a wife in jail, with a small child all to him self, sticking to a couple of shirts and growing his beard through the movie, than keeping on changing his color co ordinated shirt /t shirt every scene and a beard which doesn’t change from start to end! The versatile Parthipan, does make look acting his role of the king maker so easy an outing. Won’t be surprised if we see more Malayalam films for him after this.

On the technical front, Camera is outstanding, coloring too, gives that dry arid feel of the continent, and takes you right along the pace of the movie. Cuts are fine, but what impressed me most is the background music. Its actually the back ground music which ties the movie, than script, the frames or edit.

The movie doesn’t get to the level of imparting you fear, which would have made it more exciting, may be because family crowd which contributes to bigger portion of Malayalam movie goers. The predictable end – that they will escape, took off the suspense. The nature of the movie and the plot didn’t give any scope for the team to take you for a run down of the other wise beautiful landscape of the African sub continent.

On the whole, EFU scores well on depicting a smart escape plot, with a mallu touch. Watchable. Will give it a 3/5, for pulling it tight paced right through the final take off from the beautiful hilltop.

Crew & Cast

Director: Rajesh Nair

Producer: Kishore Kumar

Music: Gopi Sunder

Lyrics: Rafeek Ahammed

Cinematography: Vishnu Sarma

Editing: Ratheesh Raj

Art Direction: Mahesh Sridhar

Screenplay: Sandeep, Deepak, Nithin

Dialogue: Sandeep, Deepak, Nithin

Costume Design: Usha Rajesh

Cast: Rima Kallingal, Parthipan, Jojo, Vijay Babu, Mukesh, Tashu Kaushik

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