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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
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Danbauk restaurant in Technopark attacked and destroyed by Middle Men Mafia

danbaukDanbauk Restaurant in Technopark was attacked and destroyed by a set of Gundas. There is strong allegations against the middle men on the contracting business. This so called middle men influence inside Technopark is increasing exponentially.  This is paving way to corruption to an unrecoverable state as it has happened in many places in Trivandrum as well as Kerala. The authorities introduces them to make their work happy and later become slaves to them. The police system for whatever reason is not taking any strong action, or rather any action.

This if not stopped will make Technopark also controlled by Mafia Gangs. Tomorrow they will start taking money from techies directly in the name of many strikes and other excuses.

The restaurant was famous for its Biriyani and quality food. Unlike other restaurants run by seasoned restaurant owners, Danbauk gave high importance to hygiene and food quality. Because of these reasons Danbauk was becoming popular among Technopark employees aka techies.

Many of the other business owners was not very happy about this growth of Danbauk and hence ‘Danbauk’ was terminated without enough notice by the middle man contractor of Leela food court  in Technopark on October.

The techie resturant owners approached the court and the District Court has passed an interim order to reinstate Danbauk. Also a mass petition by technopark employees form various companies  was submitted to the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala as well as the Minister for Industries & IT. The court order was given in favor of Danbauk as the court was convinced that all the accusations raised against them were false. Based on the court decision  they decided to restarting services at Leela Food court at the earliest.

On 28th of November 2013, the court order was served to the respondents directly by the district court messenger. The restaurant owners submitted a copy of the order at Kazhakuttom police station as well. The sub-inspector of police called them for a meeting on 29th morning at 10. On 29th morning while they were at the police station, The Danbauk food counter at Leela Infopark  was destroyed by the sub-licensor with the help of security manager at Leela Infopark. This was done intentionally to make sure that the Danbauk may not be able to do business even if they have a valid court order.

The sign boards, logo stickers, menu stand etc were destroyed.They robbed all serving plates, utensils everything and dumped them into another room nearby and locked it. The owners showed the room to the police, but couldn’t open since it was locked.

“This guy has influenced the police as well. Hence the reaction from the police was also not good. They were not even willing to file an FIR against this act. We then had to report this incident to the Rural SP Shri. Thomas Kutty, who then gave instructions to Kazhakuttom Police Station to file the FIR. Though the FIR was registered (against Mr. Joy( The middleman contractor of Leela Food court, Technopark) , Mr. Udayan( Security Manager in charge, Leela Infopark, Technopark), Ms. Sridevi – for sections 427, 188, 34 ipc) we haven’t got a copy (which they are supposed to give) yet. My partner awaited at the police station long hours for this. This drag/slow attitude from the police gives the culprits enough time to find ways to escape. However I guess this is how things are done in our state.” – The Danbauk owners said

The middlemen people in Technopark is making several such offenses and problems for the business owners and employees in Technopark. ( Remember the Tejaswini food court middle men incident, and finally technopark struggled a lot to kick him out from the technopark, and now the foodcourt is directly running by Technopark.)

Such incidents only results lost of faith in the Judiciary as well as the law and order system prevailing here. Such criminals are given immense backup and protection while law obeying people like the techie restaurant owners are destroyed.  So It’s high time to such criminals be evicted from Technopark Campus.

Techies, please let us know your comments about this incident below this page.

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