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Friday February 24th 2017
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New Ice Cream Parlour – Choice, London Diary Opened in Chaaka, Trivandrum

LondonDiaryBlending unlikely flavours sounds a bad idea only till you taste Fruity Sundae. Scoops of mango sorbet, golden ribbon and yoghurt berry delight come garnished with some yummy toppings giving you a fresh and delightful taste. Choice, London Dairy’s first ice cream parlour in Kerala at Chackai, offers a spate of signature mocktails and ice creams, most of which a new experience for your tastebuds. “London Dairy is made with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. It has come to India after enticing customers in 31 countries across the globe,” says Xavier P T, owner.

London Dairy has a wide range of 26 flavours available in the Indian market. “We have the Sorbet range, Lite range and Yoghurt range along with premium international flavours like Chocolate Hazelnut, Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake,” he adds. Some of the brand’s most popular flavours include Cookies and Cream, Butter Pecan, Mocha Almond Fudge and Cheerfully Chikoo.

Along with its special and innovative mixes, the parlour also offers regular takes like Natures Nest, which is fruit salad with your preferred flavour of ice cream or Dry Fruit Nest that comes with loads of dry fruits. You can make your pick from Fruit Parfait, Royal Salute, Banoffee Crunch, Chocolate Safari, Banana Split or Dusty Road. If you are ready for huge portions that come with a variety of topping, go for Gadbad, Honeymoon Special, Choice Premium Special or Choice Rainbow Fantasy. For toppings you can take anything from fruits to rose syrup and caramel sauce to glass cherry.

Another highlight of Choice is its range of mocktails made with imported monin syrups. “Each drink will be a combination of two or three flavours. We have almost all classic, berry, fruit and flower flavours here,” says Xavier. While Ginger Rogers is made of ginger ale and two more flavours, Roman Holiday is a subtle mix of orange and strawberry. There are others including Raspberry Ice Tea, Berry Cooler, Cinderella, Virgin Daiquiri, Classic Shirley Temple and Atomic Cat.

For the falooda lovers there are three different options – royal falooda, classic falooda and premium special falooda. Then comes a number of ice cream milk shakes, all made of premium products. Snow Wonder is the special vanilla shake while Swiss Miss is chocolate and Sunshine Blasé is mango flavoured. “We use Belgium chocolate and milk from Denmark. All the dry fruits are imported. We make sure that only best quality brands and products are used,” he says.

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