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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Sand Sculpture of Nelson Mandela at Shangumugham, Trivandrum


Well known artist Deepak Mouthati creating a Sand Sculpture of the legend, Nelson Mandela as a tribute to the anti-apartheid revolutionary.

Deepak will make the sand sculpture at Shanghumugham beach at 2.30 pm on Sunday, Dec 15, 2013. Deepak is a renowned sand artist, whose sand sculptures on topics such as Endosulfan issue, Mullaperiyar, etc had won accolades. He had also made sand sculptures of Gandhiji, Anna Hazare, Kamala Surayya, Sachin, Mohanlal, Yesudas and a lot more.
Deepak has made artistic contribution to several films such as Kerala Café, Paleri Manikyam, etc.

Please find more of Deepak’s Work here

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