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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Techie raped in Poovar, Kerala resort during office junket

femaleassaultedIncident took place on November 22; identity of the two culprits is not known

The State police late Saturday confirmed that a 40-year-old woman, an IT professional based in Bangalore , was raped at a five-star category backwater island resort at Poovar, about 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram, early on November 22.

According to the police, the woman is from West Bengal. She works for a company in Bangalore. She was in the resort with a group of her colleagues as part of an official junket.

This is becoming now common, how pathetic. After the Technopark incident this a more serious and brutal incident at Poovar. A female techie who came to attend a conference was raped.  All the media, politicians and people who was raged on Swetha Menon incident has not even reported or noticed this incident. If you are not a celebrity forget about humiliation even rape is not considered important.

Investigators said that the woman had chosen single occupancy accommodation. She had retired to her room after dinner around 11.30 p.m. According to her statement, two unidentified persons entered her room at 2.30 a.m. One restrained her while the other raped her in the dark, police said.

Four persons detained

The woman roused her colleagues and hotel staff immediately after the crime. She sustained injuries during the alleged incident and was traumatised. However, the incident was reported to the police only in the evening, investigators said adding that the woman was not inebriated at the time of the crime.

The police said that the intruders seemed to have entered her room through a rear door. They have collected dried blood, seminal fluid, hair follicles and other biological evidence from the scene of the crime.

They have detained four persons, including male staff that were on night duty on November 22, for questioning. They have taken buccal swab from some of the suspects to cross-check their DNA with that from the serological evidence collected from the scene of crime.

They are also verifying the background of other guests at the resort.

Investigators said they are also analysing cell phone communication in the area at the time of the crime to zero in on the culprits.

techies we need to unite against this inhuman activities. We don’t want Trivandrum to become like other metropolitan were these are a daily incident. We need our daughters, sisters, wives, ¬†mothers to e safe in this Capital of God’s own country. Please send in your comments

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  • GautamT says:

    May the culprits be identified and caught soon. Then given the most severe punishment.

    We need to consider ALL women as our “Friends” and protect them always.

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