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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Donate Stem Cell – Save a life. Event on 18th Jan 18th 2014, 11 AM to 7 PM in Trivandrum


“While we all  wish for a better salary, a better position in company, a better car, a house, a few of our fellow-men wish to live”

Leukemia is a dreadful disease. It is tiring physically and mentally. The pain would become unbearable at times.

You can help by attending the donor camp

Please attend a stem cell match blood donor search for Jeson and others, conducted at TJM Hall, CSI Mateer Memorial Church, Trivandrum . You can be a participant in this drive by just giving a small sample of your saliva (Cheek Swab). Your small step can help someone in fighting cancer.

Date: Saturday January 18th 2014, 11 AM to 7 PM
Location: TJM Hall, CSI Mateer Memorial Church (MM Church), LMS Compound, Opp, Trivandrum Corporation (near the Zoo), Palayam, Trivandrum – 695033, India.

Contact Numbers: +919923003389/ +919923003379

Register at:
Some Technical Details you would like to know
The most “perfect” matches occur with two people from the same ethnic background, as tissue types are inherited.

This drive is the first step of a two step process where you can register yourselves into the Centralized registry.

Only a tiny fraction of the registrants will end up ever being a match for someone. If a match is found, donation is simple and is similar to donating blood platelets. Blood is donated, post which, Stem cells are harvested outside..

Your BONE IS NOT TOUCHED in the peripheral blood stem cell donation method. You have the power to gift a life. Please read up details on our page as well as on Google. Get in touch with us if any doubts.

Any person between the age group of 18 to 50, with no major blood disorders can be a donor.

Find out more information at

A few more facts

  1. There are a lot of patients suffering from different types of Life-Threatening Blood Cancers whose ONLY OPTION for a full cure is Peripheral Stem Cell Transplant from a matching donor.
  2. Contrary to Popular perception, there is NO invasive procedure to collect stem cells from the donor, as it involves only donation of stem cells filtered from the Peripheral Blood.
  3. All the major countries in the world like USA, UK, Germany, Russia etc have registries which together form around 20 million listed donors. In the Stem Cell Donor Registry for India, hosted by DATRI, there are only 45000 entries at this point, whereas countries such as the US, Germany etc have registries to the size of 10 to 6 million each. As HLA types are based on ethnic races and origins, it is very difficult for Indians and Asians who have hematological malignancies to find a donor in other countries, hence the need to build our India Registry. As of today the chance of finding a donor for an Patient of Indian Origin is the in region of 1:20000. Cancer can be cured, we just need to build up awareness and know that we can save a life…

FAQs on registering with Datri:

  1. The potential donor’s data will remain in the registry till the age of 55 years. If a match is found, Datri will facilitate the actual donation of the stem cells. There is no cost to the donor during the actual donation.
  2. Medical Procedure: The donor is given an injection for 4 days to stimulate the marrow to produce extra stem cells and to release them into the blood stream. This injection is absolutely safe and the donors, only in some cases, may experience slight headache and tiredness which is normal and would disappear shortly after the donation. It is a minor discomfort considering the life a potential donor can save so simply and the pain patients undergo, On the 5th day, in a 3-4 hour out-patient procedure (similar to a platelet donation) the donor’s blood is extracted to get the extra healthy stem cells. The extracted stem cells are then injected into the patient’s blood supply.
  3. Cost to donor: There is no cost to the donor for the actual donation procedure. Datri will make every effort to make sure that the place, time & date is as convenient to the donor as possible so that there is minimum disruption to the donor’s normal routine. For e.g., the nurse can come to the donor’s residence to administer the injections prior to the stem cell extraction procedure & the stem cell extraction procedure can be done on a weekend.
  4. Can the Donor Change His/Her Mind: The donor can change his/her mind at any point of time. However, it is hoped and requested that the donor has made a committed decision considering the hopes the patient has on the donor.
  5. Is it Confidential:To prevent misuse (coercion etc.), the donor’s & the patient’s identity is kept confidential for 2 years. Datri can facilitate the meeting between the Patient & the Donor after that.
  6. Who is eligible to be a Donor: Any healthy person between the ages of 18-55 can be a Donor.
  7. Other Ways To Help: If you feel that your health or age or other circumstances do not permit you to register as a donor but you still want to support this effort, here is what you can do.
    1. Learn more about this & become a spokesperson for this cause so that more awareness is created amongst your friends & family.
    2.  Provide monetary support. The cheque should be made out to ‘Datri Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry’. Ask us for more details on this if interested. Datri is non profit and needs support to help us all.
    3. Help conduct drives in your locality. We, along with Datri, can provide you with all the support that you require.

We are running short of time, and hence this drive is at a short notice.

Jeson Varghese Chelleth needs you as he so urgently needs a stem cell transplant. If a donor is not found in time, he would need to go for alternative methods which is not full proof and recommended. You have the chance to save him and others like him.
Another person you could save in this effort is Nini Monsi, a mother of 2 lovely children. She needs a stem cell transplant urgently as well.
They are not the only 2 in need. Cancer is no more what happens to only that some distant person you know. There are children some even babies in this battle.

Please share this post to all your friends/relatives especially in Trivandrum to increase the chances of finding a match.

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