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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
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Google And Audi Announces New Android In Car System At CES 2014


Apple has been working with a number of car manufacturers like BMW for deeper car integration of their iOS devices, and now it would appear that Google and Audi has something to announce at this months CES 2014.

Google and Audi will announce new plans for in car entertainment and information systems at CES next week, and the new system will be based on Google’s Android OS.

Apple already has some of the top manufacturers working on their in car integration, as well as BMWand Mini, Apple are also working with Honda, Mercedes, Daimler and General Motors.

Google will be looking to take on Apple in your car with this new system with Audi, and we can expect to see more ties with other car manufacturers in the future.

As yet there are no details on exactly how Google’s Android OS will be integrated into Audi vehicles, although we suspect it will be similar to Apple’s offering, where you will be able to perform a range of smartphone functions in your vehicle hands free.

Another scoop of news is Audi is looking to find the car of tomorrow’s dashboard and has turned to NVIDIA to help them realize it. The 12.3? high definition display is powered byTegra 3 and is capable of running the necessary gauges for the car alongside maps and other pertinent information at the same time. The other innovation NVIDIA and Audi are getting together to work on is the 10.2? SmartDisplay, dockable-tablet that integrates with the car’s video and audio systems. This tablet has a full access to Google Play for all the media you would ever need to keep the kids quiet on that long road trip.

All of this is brought together by NVIDIA’s Visual Computing Module which gives automakers like Audi a stable system to implement in their vehicles. The VCM is powered by an NVIDIA Kepler CPU with a dedicated video and audio processor as well. Combine that with the news that Google is working on an Android port for cars and the future of dashboards is getting pretty exciting.

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