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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
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Hotel Sourashtra (Gujarathi Hotel) at Power House Road


Hotel Sourashtra (Gujarathi Hotel) at Power House Road is known for Gujarati Dish before even Kerala State was born.

Don’t go looking for a menu you can choose from. There is just one dish served! You cannot just go and have it anytime you wish either. And what makes it truly special is the fact that it has just one location in Trivandrum!.

Hotel Sourashtra serves just one dish: poori. And people flock to this place  just to enjoy the hot pooris with its multitude of side dishes which green gram curry, aloo ka sabji, mirchi mango and amla paste, always served with plenty of pappads. Most Sourashtrians are Jains who avoid garlic, asafoetida and onion in their food. Yet, curiously you will find onion served here for which the owner has an explanation “Keralites love onion so we serve it.” Talk about customer service!

Hotel Sourashtra is crowded during every minute that its doors stay open which is  from 3.30 in the evening to 10pm. But the lure of the food here is such  that you might consider renting a room nearby so that you can be first in line when the doors open

More attractive is the fact that  these delicious pooris cost just Rs. 25 per serving. I was even more astounded when the present owner  Parthasarathy told me that back when his father started off, the poori cost just 25 paise a plate!

Hotel Sourashtra in itself seemed like a historical spot to me. It has so much to share with you than just the delicious food they serve here. This hotel is also a hot favourite with countless politicians, film stars and TV actors.  But there is no special treatment to anyone. Whoever is the customer, the food served here, the table and chair you get to sit at and the rates are all the same in quantity and quality. I don’t think in recent times I have had food which was so satisfyingly  delicious.

Now Some History

Back in 1958 when the hotel started, they served meals which included a variety of North Indian dishes all day. But later when the Government changed hands to the Communist party, the Gujarathis were made to leave  and from then on, the present owners have run it. Veera Reddy the current owner’s father continued the hotel’s service with the initial menu. However, when there was an acute scarcity of rice all over India, a rule was passed that rice could be served in restaurants only on three days a week. So restaurants had to adjust with substitutes for rice and thus it came about that poori became the reigning dish at Sourashtra.


Feel free to call  Parthasarathy  at  9446175128, if you are unable to find the location

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