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Friday February 24th 2017
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idea Peedika – The eBay of Ideas


ideaPeedika all set to be launched in Technopark Technology Business Incubator (T-TBI), Trivandrum.

ideaPeedika is a unique and innovative platform where technology can be sold and bought.  Individuals or companies can upload their innovative ideas in ideaPeedika free of cost.  The ideas will appear in a brief format, like the subject line of an email appearing in the inbox.  Interested companies or entrepreneurs can seek details by paying charge.

Companies can buy ideas from the contributor by paying for transfer or technology.  T-TBI will charge a nominal fee from companies buying the ideas.  T-TBI is expected to launch ideaPeedika within a month.


K C Chandrasekharan Nair, Technopark CFO and secretary & registrar, T-TBI, says Idea Peedika is envisaged as a basket of ideas where people can submit their ideas free of cost. Idea Peedika will also be a platform for entrepreneurs to search for ideas. They can buy ideas from the contributor by paying for transfer of technology. T-TBI will charge a nominal registration fee for companies interested in buying the ideas, he says.

The ideas will appear on the website in a brief format. “To know more about the idea, they will have to pay charge. The website will be launched soon,” he says.

“So many people approach us with ideas. When all these ideas come together, it will be of great help to startups. The programme has been given a typical Kerala name Peedika (shop). Idea Peedika will be written in blue and green letters just like the word Technopark. Blue and green stand for infinity and nature respectively,” he says.

Speaking at Thiruvananthapuram chapter meeting of Kerala Startups, Nair said T-TBI was on an expansion mode. “After incubation, we will enter into business acceleration through TBI accelerator,” he said.

In business acceleration the focus will be on growth of company in a global market. “There will be more facilities like labs, venues for media debates, etc.,” he said.

Nair says more than 2,000 young entrepreneurs are waiting to get incubated in T-TBI. However, no space is available for them for the next 18 months. “T-TBI will soon get a building exclusively for incubation in Technopark,” he says.

As many as 74 companies have been incubated under T-TBI now. T-TBI not only provides expert services, mentorships and infrastructures but also takes startups to road shows, fairs and exhibitions organized across the globe. It also helps young entrepreneurs to set up offices anywhere in Asia Pacific region.


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