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Thursday February 23rd 2017
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Instabeat – CES Nominated heart rate monitor


Instabeat is a heart rate monitor for swimming mounted on your goggles, with real-time visual feedback and no chest belt

Instabeat is the first all-in-one swimming monitor with real-time feedback. Its revolutionary design, adapted to the intricate biomechanics of swimming, mounts on the straps of any type of swimming goggles.

Using Instabeat, you will be able to

Create a customized profile to determine your heart rate zones.
Visualize your heart rate zone in real-time on your lens while you are training.Blue if fat burning, Green if fitness, Red if maximum performance
Measure crucial training parameters.Calories, number of laps, number of flip turns & breathing pattern
Upload your information after your workout for a detailed analysis over time.

Instabeat can be pre-oreder now at

Price:  $149

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