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Friday February 24th 2017
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World’s First Magic Theme Park in Trivandrum, Kerala


Magic Planet – the first entirely magic-themed complex designed for children to experience science, technology, art and literature through magic, is coming up in the state capital, it was announced here Saturday.

The unique edutainment centre being built at the Kinfra Film and Video Park near the Technopark campus will be opened Oct 31, which is observed worldwide as Magic Day in honour of Harry Houdini.

Magic Planet has been conceptualised by the Academy of Magical Sciences – Asia’s first institution to offer formal training in magic – as a space where children can engage in creative exploration and experience the magical aspects of science, mathematics and literature through a number of fun activities.

The complex, spread over 1.5 acres, will house a number of attractions, including a museum, an underground tunnel, a mirror maze, shadow plays, a virtual supermarket to build mathematical skills, a children’s park, theatres for live performances and an research and development centre, Magic Academy executive director and renowned magician Gopinath Muthukad told reporters.

Magic Planet will have an area dedicated to Indian street magicians who will showcase traditional tricks, in addition to a podium under a tree where children can gather around to listen to fables and tales recounted by a storyteller.

“Indian street magic is a tradition we must save from extinction. The few street magicians who ply their trade, mostly in north India, are struggling to make a living. At Magic Planet, we want to give them a permanent venue for performance, rehabilitate them and educate their children,” said Muthukad.

Another major attraction at the centre will be a “magical” recreation of William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” – a work which has magic as its central motif. It is designed to help children understand and appreciate the beauty of literature.

Muthukad said around 80 per cent of the attractions will be absolutely unique to Magic Planet, not replicated anywhere in the world.

Magic Planet is coming up at the country’s first infotainment industrial park, which is spread over 75 acres of land and contains the first special economic zone for animation and gaming.

Kinfra general manager K. Sudhakaran said their aim is to convert the Film and Video Park into a world-class entertainment hub.

“There are few options for entertainment for youngsters in the capital city, which is why edutainment centres like Magic Planet are very welcome,” he said.

The academy is also planning an international convention of magicians in Kerala later this year that will bring together about 1,500 magicians.

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