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Wednesday February 22nd 2017
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BIORHYTHMS, Painting Exhibition in Museum Auditorium Jan 22 – Jan 26


The Painting Exhibition hosted by Sreeja Pallam in Museum Auditorium,nomenclature as BIORHYTHMS started on January 22 2015. The exhibition eds on 26th January 2015 from 10.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

According to biorhythms theory, our lives are affected by three primary cycles: Physical, emotional and intellectual.

The painting is based on the themes of gender conflict and environment. The exhibition was inaugarated by eminent painter Shri B.D. Dethan.

About the Artist

Sreeja Pallom, a lower primary school teacher from Palakkad district, is exhibiting her art of paintings fastened to surrealism and contemporary art at Museum auditorium here.

Sreeja abstains from believing that painting or art is just about aesthetics, but, according to her, it is an improvised way to convey and express.

“The culture of consumerism forces women to reconcile with the situations which it creates. Though outwardly she appears to be beautiful and happy, her inner despair is seemingly continual. Such mechanised way of life needs to be unveiled through art,” she explained about her painting ‘Chromatics of Zenama.’

Sreeja has displayed 27 of her acrylic paintings at the Museum Auditorium.

A diploma holder in painting, Sreeja is a teacher at Government Lower Primary School, Peringottukurissi.

Sreeja told the TPL correspondent that the paintings are on sale on request basis.

She can be contacted at

Contact No: +919349386768

So guys don’t miss this chance to appreciate real art. Visit the Gallery today itself

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